Albion 4

Posted by Blubs 2nd July 2019 in ESPORTSGAMINGNEWS

Albion 4 – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This weekend we see once again Germaine ‘CurryGovernor’ Hatton in action which is the biggest Major event of the year so far boasting almost 900 entrants!

Stay tuned over at our twitter page to get live updates and results and also maybe a suprise!


Round 1: CurryGovernor [2:0] slyx183
Round 2: CurryGovenor [2:0] K4N
Round 3: CurryGovenor [2:0] Yoink

CurryGovernor advances to top 128 out of 886 players and will face fellow professional player Plan-B | Yeteyy.

Top 128 Pool 3 Bracket: